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Eliminate bed bugs in your home, property or business quickly at an affordable price!

Green T Pest Control provides you a full range of bed bug and pest elimination and extermination services in the suburban Chicagoland area for bed bugs and all common household pests.

Bedbugs are extremely difficult to eliminate. Do-it-yourself bed bug control measures only have partial success and sanitation alone will not help.

Your best bet is a professional pest control expert. Take care of your bed bug problems with a professional treatment to eliminate them from your property.

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Bed Bug Treatment Services

Bed Bug Pest Control

Get your bed bug problems taken care of and remove these nuisance insects in the shortest amount of time time at an affordable rate with Green T.

Bed bugs are perhaps the most difficult pest to detect and control. Bed Bugs, or mattress bugs, are tiny flat, wingless, brownish-red oval-shaped bugs that feed on the blood of humans and animals.

Bed bugs are difficult to detect because they can hide in any crevice between feedings. They hide in places like mattresses, upholstery, furniture crevices, wood trim, box springs, curtains, baseboards, and even behind wallpaper and picture frames to name a few.

DIY bed bug remedies are often ineffective against these difficult to target pests.

Utilize our experienced pest elimination experts to thoroughly inspect the your home to determine the best and safest methods to eliminate the infestation.

Eliminate Bed Bugs from Commercial or Residential Properties

Whether you have an emergency that requires a one-time visit or you need your home or business protected with a year round scheduled program, Green T can help.

Year round applications can eliminate bed bugs and prevent new pests from gaining access to your property. Our technicians will assess your property and determine whether there are entry points that need repair. You receive a detailed review of problem areas along with custom recommendations and solutions for your property.

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Our team of certified bed bug control technicians provide high quality service with a smile and attention to every detail to make sure that your problem is solved. We take pride in providing you with the great service you need.

Green T is a family owned company that has grown by providing reliable, consistent service at an affordable rate.

We stand by our reputation and will work to ensure your total satisfaction.